Thursday, October 13

Bowl it!~

Send QiuLing to work and shun bian get my ever first Sembonia backpack from her. Hehe. Aww. I'm so so in love with it!
Went bowling with Happy Pills at Raffles Town Club. I must admit that i really sucks at it and they were all like  a pro only siol. Haha. That was like my second time bowling so still quite enjoy it. But bowling definitely can drain off all your energy sia. My ball keep on going out of lane. Shuan was like asking me why am i building a bridge on the scoreboard. LOL! WeiXuan and Shuan was like trying veri hard to teach me the proper way of holding and throwing the ball, but i just sucks at it. Haha. Sorry for being such a fail student.
JunHao went off to meet his friend for dinner. Went to Seoul Gardens at City Link Mall for dinner. Seriously, Shuan was damn good at eating buffet cos he will keep eating and eating none stop one. Haha.
Train home with WeiXuan after that.

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