Thursday, December 29

This is a app on FB. Shall blog it cause it seems so funny!

Falling sick is so not fun at all! T.T

Wednesday, December 28

Tuesday, December 27

Went to meet Hafizah and Shah after work. QiaoYi was suppose to come but then she didn't cos she is sick. =( Take care QiaoYi!
Had dinner at BREEKS at Causeway Point after that headed to Sembawang to sing. We are kinda lost at Sembangwang trying to find Sembawang Shopping Centre. LOL! Manage to find the place at some remote place and i sing until I'm voiceless. Dear me.
On the way back home, we were like talking nonsense and acting so crazy. Haha. It had been a long time I been so crazy, laughing and laughing at almost everything.


 Overall, today was a fun and crazy day! Hehe.

Sunday, December 25

A simple yet beautiful Christmas. No greater joy than to give.

Saturday, December 24

Met SiewSia early in the morning to get some gift. As usual she was late. LOL. The blurr her lost her ezlink card at Long John Silver however, God bless her and she manage to find it in the end.

Went to her church for some Christmas Bash! From there i get to know about a guy name Dr. K Benny Prasad. He holds the World Record for being the fastest man on earth to travel to 245 countries in the shortest time- 6 years, 6 months and 22 days! He is described by the doctors as a Walking Miracle. HE SUFFERED FROM SEVERE ASTHMA which required him to take cortisone steroids from which he DEVELOPED RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, 60 % LUNG DAMAGE AND AN IMMUNE SYSTEM REGULARLY FAILING HIM, which threatens his life even to this day.

Benny designed this 20 String Harp/Bongo Guitar in October 2006. It has 6 strings, 2 Bongos and a 14 String Harp. He is just so so amazing!

Today shall be the most memorable Christmas eve I had ever spend. =)

Friday, December 23

Had a GREAT SILENT FALL at work today! LOL! Don know why, but I was laughing like hell after that cos I the way i fall was damn funny sia. T.T

Thursday, December 22

Had a happening shopping spreeeeee wif QiuLing and JiaJia today! =)
It was indeed a productive day. Bought a long dress, a shoe, a portable charger and a dress! It is time i start to save money liao. Should try not to spend so much. Hehe.
It had been a long time since i met them. As usual, we went to our usual shopping place and spend hours there just shopping and eating there. You guys are forever my best shopping partners! Haha.
I am happygurl93 today. Had so much laughter and crap today! =)


Wednesday, December 21

Helllo! I am back from my 4 days 3 nites YI (Youth Impact) Camp! The camp is not like any ordinary camp. It is rather quite a special and unique camp. It is simply awesome! With awesome people and awesome games and awesome sessions and awesome food! Everything there is simply so awesome!
I indeed learn alot and gain lots of experience in this camp. I learn that God do really exist if you truly believe in him. And the only way to do that is to open your heart to him. Open it up and make Him come into your life and change you. I really felt His existence on one of the session. The feeling is just too awesome, too overwhelming that no words could be used to describe it. You really need to experience it yourself, then you will know how it feels like.
The most important thing I learn in this camp is to be yourself! Each and every one of us are create in such a way that we are unique in our own ways, There is no need for us to be like jealous of others. We are just the way we are. We are olso gifted in some ways too. Instead of admiring someone else and hope to be like them, we should use whatever gift we are given by God to serve others.
Thanx SiewSia for asking me to join her in the camp, Estee for sharing wif me all her stories, SiewYu, Hannah, Faith, WeiHao, YuLing, XinHui, Esther, YanXing, Edna, Jerry, Cherlyn, Patricia, ZhenHui, QiJun, Zara, Clarence, JiaHui and many many more for taking really good care of me for the past few days! You guys are simply awesome and hope that our friendship doesn't end here! =)
Now I finally know the reasons why SiewSia and SiewYu are so into it alr, That's bcos God is indeed worth all their time, all their worship and praises!
I kinda miss the camp alr...

Saturday, December 17

HAPPY HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART! <3 Firstly, welcome back to YTCCCO after 6 months of leave due to A'level! There's plenty plenty of things for us to catch up with! Haha! Thanx for being my crapping partner! Hehe. Miss you seriously...

Friday, December 16

Today is the end of common test! =) But somehow I felt so lost, don know what to do. Shall keep myself busy for the whole of my two week holiday. Like to be constantly busy with things rather then rotting and wasting my time. Hehe. Need to plan like now!

Can't help it, they're too cute together. Sometimes, liking someone doesn't mean that you need to have him or her. =)

Thursday, December 15

Busy studying for common test recently. Left one more paper to go and then two weeks of busy schedule and back to school. Had been thinking quite a lot recently.
Not gonna care about those people whom hate or don like me. Cos haters simply hate. But that doesn't mean that i hate you olso. Sometimes i do really wish that they could just simply come up to me and tell me what had i done to make them hate me. That is impossible but if that really were to happen, it would be greatly appreciated. Cos it takes lots of courage for them to do that. So haters, maybe i had done something wrong or offended you guys in some way or another, I would just wanna say a big sorry for whatever harm i had done to your. I'm really sorry!
Time to study for my last subject le. JIAYOU KaiQin! =)

Saturday, December 3

Practice end early cos there was a yew tee cc open hse in the morning. Went to IMM fir dinner wif XinRen, SuXian, XiaoQi, AiLing and AiHua. Haha. Today had lots of heart to heart talk and they are like more open up already, Today is a meaningful day and olso indeed a day filled with discoveries!

Don like to see the current state of you now. Maybe i was wrong right from the start. Maybe i shouldn't have told you that...

Friday, December 2

OMG! Why are you so so talented? Know how to play the piano, keyboard as well as the guitar! So so attracted to guys who can play instruments. Especially the piano! Discover this at the jamming room today. Haha.
Everyday there will be something new for me to discover about you. =)

Thursday, December 1

Should I or should I not? This question had been revolving in my mind for like days already. I really don know what I should do. I wanna tell him the truth but I dare not. But keeping him in the dark is olso not gonna help him in anyway. Either way, he is sure to be hurt one. Haiz. I should learn not to care so much about people feelings then i will not have such a problem alr...
The truth may hurts but what lies behind the lies hurt even more...

Sunday, November 27

The day pass by damn fast today. Maybe mainly bcos today is damn busy at work ba. Think me, Aisyah and JunYi is gonna have rootbeer float phobia for the past few days. Managed to sell a total of 80 plus float in one day! That's like super lots! Ros is leaving Bongo soon. Haiz. Although she might not be a good manager, I will definitely miss her de. Just don like the feeling of people leaving. One by one, everyone is leaving. Guess, one day i might leave there olso like ba.
I know that by reading all these it would only make myself hurt. But then i just can't help but to read all those tweets, Although you guys did not really mention who you are saying, I know that that person is me. I can't help but to keep myself hurt. I rather know the truth then being keep in  the dark. It is the truth that i like him. So what? Do you guys have to make a big fuss out of it? And I'm sorry for making you being disturbed by them bcos of me!
To end off, today is a mood-less day.

Saturday, November 26

Today was chaos at work. System keep on down and that was damn irritating, No one seems to be in the mood to work siol, Meet Sharon and WeiXuan at Orchard Point and started window shopping for a while. Haha, Had lots of small talk along the way.
Movie with Sharon, Joey, WeiXuan, JaiChyi, SongYan and William at Tiong Bahru. "You are the apple of my eye" is a damn awesome show! Seriously. Keep laughing non stop all the way,
Train home and i alighted at Lakeside when i am suppose to alight at boon lay. Don know what i was doing/thinking at that point of time.
Small talk and an awesome movie marks the end of a chaos day! =)

Should learn how not to get so paranoid...

Friday, November 25

Ate a damn heavy lunch today. One McSpicy meal plus two sets of 6 pieces nuggets! Haha. Omg. At this rate that I am gng, I am definitely gonna get fat if I don do anything about it. But then I'm just way too lazy. =/
There's smth that i had always wanna ask Sharon and finally I manage to ask her today and realize that things are not as bad as they seems. Feel so much better after asking her. Hehe. Went to the library to watch the Orphan wif Thandar and Hsu Zin after lesson cos jus don't feel like gng home so early. That was one of my most embarrassing moment of my life sia! I scream at a scene and the people around me was like staring at me like i was some monster or what like that! Super super ps to the max! Anyway that was a nice horror movie cos it was the first show that make me scream. Haha. Nice bonding wif classmates today. Hope tmr will go out fine.

Tuesday, November 22

Hmm. Getting too emotional lately. Don know what happen to be recently, tend to feel sad, jealous, feel like crying and mood-less suddenly. Really hate the current emotion me. I can't seems to focus on whatever i'm doing! Must overcome and get over it!
I realize that nothing really matters anymore. Cause i don ask for any returns from any one of your. Stay strong and pick yourself up KaiQin! GO Go go!

Wednesday, November 16

Today is no school day! Haha, Met Aaron at Toa Payoh for lunch. We settle down at Mac cos the food court is simply filled with people. Love listening to him talking about May and how in love he is with her. It is simply too interesting and funny. After that he send me to the place where i was suppose to had my facial done. He was damn cute sia. Asking me if he could go inside sleep instead of going home cos he don wanna go home sleep and being drag out of bed by his mum. LOL!
Had my first ever facial done today! I was like freaking scared siol. The process was painful but damn shiok!
Haha. She literally help me pluck all my blackhead one by one out sia. 辛苦她了!The whole facial last for 4 hours so i literally slept for 4 hours there. Haha. Really can feel the difference of the result. Shall maintain it and don let it worsen anymore. I need to learn how to control. That marks my first step of becoming more pretty. 要学会爱自己,那么别人才会爱你。

Congrats to Thandar and WeiXuan for getting 2nd and 3rd in ECE! So proud of them.  =)

Monday, November 14

From now on, I'm gonna just study, practice my zhong hu and really take good care of my complexion already. No more side tracks, no more slacking! It is time I really focus!

Tuesday, November 8

Mixed feelings. It's been a long time since I ever felt this way. I was ok for a moment but at the other moment I started to feel sad for no reason. Don like the state I am now. Can't seems to focus and do well in anything now. I know I shouldn't have feel this way but I just can't help it. I got a feeling that he is in love with the gurl next to me and not me. I have fallen for someone whom I know I shouldn't. All this is just gonna make me stronger and stronger.

Monday, November 7

In one months time, I must....
1) Improve my skin conditions
2) Improve on my music skills
3) Burn away all my fats
4) Study really hard for all my modules
Mr Wong is right. I need to be push before I will get down to work. I am so gonna push myself and get all these things done! Not going to be lazy anymore. I must do it! Stress is the only way that I can make me do all my work.

Good lucks for all the fellow taking their A'levels tmr! You guys can do it one! JIAYOU AND DO NOT GIVE UP~ =)

Saturday, November 5

Friday, November 4

Someone posted the video of JSSCO 2007 concert on facebook which was like 4 years ago. Watching all these videos remind me of the times we all had together. The fun, laughter, sweat and tears we had on the stage. I miss JSSCO! Miss each and single one of your. Thanx for making my 4 years in JSS such a meaningful one. Cos you guys exist! =')

Lastly, I'm sorry that i love you!

Thursday, November 3

Been busy with practicing for the concert these few days. The concert was quite a successful one. Although it is not a huge and not play well one, we had done our best and it is finally over! Well done Npco! We shall continue to strive and become even better as an orchestra.Thanx a lot to CiaoLu, XinRen and HuiXiang for coming down and support us! Hope that you all somehow enjoy it. Now that it is over, what's up next? Ytccco recital which is in like a few weeks time!
Went for blood donation yesterday, however, I fail for the second time cos there is lack of iron in my body! =( Never mind, I shall try it again next time!
To me, every small things you do means alot of things.Cos i tend to notice every single small things you do. 

Tuesday, November 1


Saturday, October 29

Fruitful week!

Second week of school had just pass by like a breeze. This week was a very productive one cos had lots of small talks with quite a number of frens and that make me get to know them better. =)
Monday after school went to meet QiuLing and Eugene and they were like as sweet as always. It is always a joy to see them together cos they make such a perfect couple to me. 
Tuesday went to Singapore Conference Hall to watch SP Chinese Orchestra Concert. That place indeed bring back lots of memories. Somehow i miss the times when we were performing on stage for SYF. I miss those times. However, somehow i will not be able to experience it ever again liao.
Wednesday was a day out at Sentosa with the Siews sisters and their church people. That was indeed a fun but tiring day. I was sick the next day due to the sandstorm created by us. Haha. Had lots of heart to heart talk with SiewSia.
Thursday had a get to know each other session with WeiXuan, Shuan and Jerry.
Friday when out of school for lunch with WeiXuan. Sharon and Dennis. We basically gossip about each and everyone of us de past realationship.
Today went to St. Rengis to work again to help out KaiLi and KeHan. Train home with KeHan and started talking about how KaiLi and him get together.
There is always a story to tell behind each and every soul. I love listening to all these stories as it not only make you get to know what kind of person he or she is, get to know them better, these experiences are olso things that you can learn from.
Thank you guys for making my week such an interesting one! <3

Wednesday, October 26

Sunday, October 23


Friday, October 21

First week of school...

School was fairly good for this week. New classmates, familiar faces, new environment. No matter what it is, i will make the best out of everything! I shall hit my expected results for this semester. For once, i listen to every single lesson in class siol. So proud of myself. Hehe.

Had a lot of unexpected meetups today. Had lunch with Nicole, QiuLing, SiewSia, SiewYu, Eugene, WeiXuan, Dennis and many many more. It had been ages since i met that huge group for lunch already. It still feels weird through, however, had lots of catchup with Nicole and SiewSia! Awwww. We might not be that close anymore, but i still had lots of fun gossiping with them. Hehe. Thank you, WeiXuan for making my lunch break such an enjoyable one! If you had not choose to join them, doubt that i will be there also. Saw LiShi on the way home and we started talking about our primary school life which seems like so far far away liao.

Praying hard that Eemin will be able to be promoted to JC2, Angeline will be strong and don let her grandfather's death affect her A'levels. That mark the end of my long day, catching up with all my lovelies friends. Can't help but feel worried about them.

You are the only one whose names i will never fails to mention whenever i am with my lovelies. The only one whom i won get sick of talking and talking about. Hehe. =P

Monday, October 17


We humans are constantly setting a limits to everything that we do unconsciously. It is all these "limits" that make us not able to express what we really feel, making us behaving the exact opposite of how we really feel. "Limits" are the result of the fear in us. We tend to be scared of things that we thought might happen. Fear that things will turn out for the worse. You care but then you acts as though you don give it a damn. You like someone but then you show it otherwise.
I'm so not going to let my limits control me anymore. Going to express myself freely, the way i really feel. Not giving myself any chance to regret.
And ya, I am fond of you. You make my heart pound faster when you are standing right beside me. =)

Sunday, October 16

The end of the long holidays....

Tomorrow will be the day when school started once again. A new semester, new beginning, new classmate, new faces. Kinda sick of meeting new people and making new friends every semester. And I am not at all ready for school at all! Gonna miss my last semester classmate already! This stupid system of changing class every semester is making everyone to not have any close friends and only classmate. That's the thing i don like about it. Haiz.

T2B6, a class that i will remember forever! We may not be close but then you guys are the ones whom make my last 6 months such an enjoyable one! I will never forget about the pranks, the nosiness and playfulness in you guys, the times when we are either late or skip lesson just to go out of school to eat, all the yummy food that you all had introduce me to, the chalet that you guys organize, the random meetups and outings with you guys and many many more! Thank for teaching me that life could actually be so enjoyable! I will never never forget the times i had wif you all and you guys are simply so wonderful! Missing ya from this moment onwards... <3

Saturday, October 15

Ben & Jerry's ChunkFest 2011

Met Hidayah after work to go for the Ben & Jerry's ChunkFest at Marine Bay Promontory. We were like trying figure out our way there, asking people for direction looking like a tourists sia. It's about enjoying Ben & Jerry's ice cream while playing wacky games and listening to live music! Plus, there are like 11 exclusive flavors from the States. Yummy yummy!
Didn't stay long there cos that place was simply too muddy maybe probably due to the rain earlier on. Went to Pioneer Mall's mac to have our dinner. That's when we were like collecting all the games label and discussing on what are we gonna do if we were to worn most of the prizes. That was the first time i am so into playing the Monopoly Deal siol.
Were talking halfway when she suddenly made me miss my mother.Yup! I really did miss her a lot a lot but there is no way i can see her ever again anymore. Even the strongest person in the world will breakdown at times. She cried when we started talking about her mum. Praying upon the stars that yur mum will be fine after the operation. Everything is fated in life.
Walk home with a Ben & Jerry's tote bag, an ice cream scoop, a notebook and the few memories the i had of my mum when i was just a baby....

Friday, October 14


This lady on the right, you are always the one whom never fails to bully me, always the one whom beat and scold me whenever we meetup! Haha. But nevertheless you are olso one of the people i treasure a lot! I had met you since sec 1 and you had not change a bit at all. In terms of looks and character. You are a crazy fan of Korean Bands, which i had no idea who they are. OOPS! A gurl who never fails to cry whenever we watch movie with you, regardless of what show is that.
6 years of friendship and still counting down. Thank for always be the one who will really scold me and knock some senses into me whenever i am not thinking right. If not for you, i guess i would have end up like some ah lian or what already.
Must study hard and defect that stupid A'level and not let it defect you! Stop saying that you will fail, will retain all that! 
Although i may not be a good friend for the past 6 years, but then rest assure that i will always be there for you forever and always! ^^

Thursday, October 13

Bowl it!~

Send QiuLing to work and shun bian get my ever first Sembonia backpack from her. Hehe. Aww. I'm so so in love with it!
Went bowling with Happy Pills at Raffles Town Club. I must admit that i really sucks at it and they were all like  a pro only siol. Haha. That was like my second time bowling so still quite enjoy it. But bowling definitely can drain off all your energy sia. My ball keep on going out of lane. Shuan was like asking me why am i building a bridge on the scoreboard. LOL! WeiXuan and Shuan was like trying veri hard to teach me the proper way of holding and throwing the ball, but i just sucks at it. Haha. Sorry for being such a fail student.
JunHao went off to meet his friend for dinner. Went to Seoul Gardens at City Link Mall for dinner. Seriously, Shuan was damn good at eating buffet cos he will keep eating and eating none stop one. Haha.
Train home with WeiXuan after that.

Wednesday, October 12

Monday, October 10

Saturday, October 8


WHY? Why must it always be you who ruin everything? Why must it be you be the reason to everything? Do you know how much i had been suffocating under you? For the past 18 years you had been controlling me like no body's business. Not letting me go for these not allowing me go for that. My childhood had just past without me doing anything that i wanna do at all! I cannot afford to let you ruin my youth as well.
I know that i had not been a good daughter for these past 18 years in my life. But do you had any idea how hard I'm trying to become like one? The more you control me the more stubborn i will become. I just wanna do things that i like and enjoy doing. Why can't i? I'm tired. Seriously tired of this kind of life. A life that are build up with lies, more and more lies. Do you know how much it hurts me every time i had to lie to you just in order to go out with my friends? I'm not scared that you are angry or what. I just don wanna you to be sad, to be hurt.
That's also the only reason why i won let you know what had happen to me during my past 17 years. I rather I'm the only one whom are hurt, keeping everything to myself then let you know the truth. Cause the truth really hurts a lot a lot.
I felt bad, i felt guilty of all the things that i had done in the past. I tried really hard to compensate to all my wrongdoings. You will always be the reason why i cried late at night, the reason why i cried to sleep.
Daddy, could you please let me have my freedom? I don wanna be like a bird being locked in a cage forever anymore already! Let me fly... 

Friday, October 7

Thursday, October 6


Had a advance birthday celebration for Aisyah at the Night Safari yesterday! Spam lots of photos yesterday. Here are some of them.

Us having dinner at Night Safari Bongo Burgers when most of us are working at Jurong Bird Park Bingo Burgers!

Fail shot 1!~ When me and Hidayah start knocking onto each other's head. OUCH! 

Here comes the aftereffect of it! LOL!

I'm so in love with photography! 

Thanx for the beautiful night! You guys will always be the only reason why i come to work!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AISYAH! Although I had know you for less then half a month, you make a very very good working partner as well as a good friend. Thanx for being such a sweetie to me! Hope you enjoy the celebration that we had plan for you! Stay happy and pretty forever and ever! ^^

Tuesday, October 4

Met up with Happy Pills after work. Starting to love the unplanned meetup and random conversation that I have with them. They simply brighten up my day each time I see them. ^^

Monday, October 3

Come back safe!

Tomorrow! Tomorrow will be the day whereby Nicole is flying to Taiwan with her cousin. Don't know why, I just can't help not worrying for her. Maybe I am just being too paranoid. However, the thought of two little gurls going to a place whereby they are not familiar at all  can't make people stop worrying for them.

I will be praying for you every seconds, every minutes, every hours, every days until you had safely reach Spore. Praying for your safety Nicoleeee!

Waiting upon your return! There is so so so so much things to catch up with you!
You comng back in one piece is the only gift that i wanna, and nothing more..
Need to find a day to meet up with all these lovelies already! 

Sunday, October 2

Gosh! What happen to me today?

Yup. Just what had happen to me today? Was late for work and done so many mistake at work today. Luckily got Liza and Jay there to help me out! Haha. For every mistakes i had made today, I kept laughing it off. Cos that's the only way that i can clear my mind and resolve the problems. Super blurr today. When to help Liza get her new handphone cover with Jay after work. Seriously, she look damn cute and funny when it comes to shopping. Cannot stop laughing at her. OOPS! =/ Walked home with Jay and start discussing in how to celebrate her sister's birthday. How I wished that i got an elder brother like him. Haha. And that mark the end of my blurrness day ever! Haha. =P

It is time I face up to the problem and solve it. It could only be a happy ending or a sad ending. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

What meant to be will eventually meant to be no matter what. Let nature takes it's course.

Saturday, October 1

Drunk Nite!

Went to meet Nicole, HuiChen, Swee, Kris and SongYan yesterday nite to have a pre-taiwan gathering for Nicole. Didn't really remember exactly what happen yesterday nite cos we were all simply too drunk. Haha. Only remember that we are laughing at nothing, playing some mind confusing games and dictionarying with each other to see who is the most sane one. That was the second time i drink and first time drunk. It sucks to be drunk especially when you tend to do silly stuff when you are not in your right mind. To whoever i sent some stupid messages to and those who help me get my way home yesterday nite, thanx a lot and I'm really really sorry! Shall never get myself drunk ever again!
Anyway had lots of fun and really enjoy myself that nite. For once i don feel that awkward with them anymore! Maybe that's the power of alcohol, bringing people together. =)

Well, guess I had really done something that i shouldn't have done yesterday nite. But,
                                                     dear heart,
                                                 why him?

Thursday, September 29


Off from Bongo and did not have any date today so decided to help out KaiLi and KeHan at their workplace. The place is called St. Rengis Hotel which is located somewhere at Orchard. It is actually listed as one of the best 5 hotels in Singapore! Can you imagine how excited and scared I am when i first step into it? Haha. Firstly, they brought me to a place to get our uniform. There are a total of 5 pieces of clothes that i need to get. The long sleeve shirt, long pants, apron, tie and the vest! OMG! That was really a lot sia. Luckily by the end of the day i don need to bought it back home and wash.
My job scope of the day was to help out in an event at a room that they call "Vintage" serving foods and wine and hot towels to the guests. The event was organized by a company called The Six Senses Private Resort. Bacisally, i spend the first four hours doing nothing. Just walking around the Vintage room asking guests if they wanna some dessert that's all. The dessert was simply too gorgeous and damn mouthwatering making me keep on having the thoughts of eating it, but it is not right to do so. That was the boring part and i lost count of how many times i had yawn. Haha. The fun part came when the event ended and we are suppose to clear the room and make a turnover to prepare for the event the next day.
End the day with eating the dessert. It turn out to be not as nice as it looks. Therefore, appearance can be quite deceiving! Got a free ride home and that mark the end of my long long day at St. Rengis Hotel.
Thanx KaiLi and KeHan for helping me out the whole day! =)

Wednesday, September 28

Happening Outing!

Went on a random date with Aisyah and JunYi. Haha. Had lots of fun and talk lots of crap the whole day.
Firstly, we went to Aisyah's so called school, which was located at a floor in the National Library, for her CCA interview. Poor me and JunYi had to entertain ourselves with some Vampires VS Zombies game on Aisyah's ITouch.  Went to watch "Fright Night" after that. It was a horror and romance movie introduce by JunYi. A show that showcase this teenager whom found out that his neighbor is actually a vampire and how he was going to save all his love ones from this evil vampire. Aisyah cried after the show cos she felt that the vampires are just too ugly! LOL! Why are you so cute Aisyah? Haha. Went to Clarke Quay after that for dinner. OMG! I had never been there before and that place was simply gorgeous especially at night.

Saw this G-MAX Reverse Bungy & GX-5 Xtreme Swing which is like damn cool sia!
 Shall try it one day! With some daring souls. Hehe.

 Went to some "Mr Curry" restaurant for dinner and headed home. Thanx Aisyah and JunYi for the beautiful night! Bringing me to a place that I didn't know that it exist. More outing next time! ^^

 Thanx for your guidance and teaching for the past 4 years. You had not only taught me music but olso the values of life. Without you I will not be whom I am today. Thanx for bringing so much joy and laughter to YTCCCO, this big big family! 所谓一日为师,终生为父!You will always be a father to us all! We love you!

Tuesday, September 27

Stocktaking Day

Met JiaJia early in the morning before work. Even through she was makeup less she still look as chio as before.
Haha. Now that i had gonna my bag organizer, it is time i be organize alr. Hehe. Must thanx JiaJia for it! ^^

Today is stocktaking day at Bongo! Aww. Now I scared of numbers alr.
1, 2, 3, 4....100, 101, 102... And it goes on and on. Miscount? Have to count over and over  again. Didn't know that stocktaking can be so so tiring siol.
However, at least it kept me occupied the whole day at work. So, it was not that bad after all. =)

Epic conversation of the day.
Manager: *takes soft drink* "WHY I GOT SO MANY STAFF TODAY WHY NO ONE TOP UP THE ICE??"
Manager started to laugh and throw ice cube at him!

Huge raindrops are falling down! Love the smell and the sounds of the falling rain. Be careful not to catch a cold, lovelies. 


Monday, September 26

Well, this is my first ever post and can't imagine that I had actually create one.
Things always happen whenever we least expected it to happen, I guess.
I am  a nerd when it comes to IT stuff. Still trying to figure out how this thingy actually works,
Nevertheless, stay tuned.