Saturday, January 28

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This week passed by with random chat with Dennis and Sharon at the library, poker at QiuLing's house with Angeline, dinner with Aaron and Nicole, pool with Aaron, Nicole and WeiXuan and hosting two Birthday party...
Spent my week catching up with all my lovelies and digging more and more secrets from them. Wahahahax! =P
Had so much fun this week. At least it make me feel that I am a step more closer with them.
Time to get back to studies already. No more playing for the moment as exams are coming really really soon. Time to be serious and get down to work already.

Awwww. I'm so in love with kids! Hehe.

Monday, January 23

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Finding life more and more meaningless. Haiz. I don know why. Need to find some meaning and goal. Or not I will be like wasting my life away. The feeling is like you are doing something, but then you have no idea what for you are doing it. Doing things jus for the sake of doing and does not feel satisfied at all. No mood for anything, Something is missing but then I have no idea what is it, Really need to find the missing pieces. Don wanna spend my life being so moodless every single day.


Thursday, January 19

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Days passed with Shaun trying to match make me with one his random friend, teaching Nicole EM3, WeiXuan causing me to lose my bet with Nicole, dinner with the cute couple, QiuLing and Eugene. These are the moments that make me laugh so much. LOL.

Thanx Nicole for making me realize so much plus points about him! Hehe. It is time you really get out of your on and off relationship. Find someone who truly worth you, one who is able to bring you out of your past and lead you into the future, one who is able to take you out of from that curse if your life. It has been a long time since I saw you happy. Being really happy. Wanna see the beautiful smile of you once again.

QiuLing and Eugene really make such a cute couple. So happy for the both of them. Hope that they could really last anot it will be a pity. Eugene is just the perfect one for this beloved gurl of mine.

Someone asked me would I really be happy if the guy that I loved is tgt with another gurl. Of course i would! If that's the thing that could be able to put a smile on his face and make his life a beautiful one, why not? I may like him, but I'm not gonna let you know. Satisfied with our relationship now.
Loved you for a thousands years~

Thursday, January 12

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Woke up wif 10 plus text messages. The moment I reached class, WeiXuan and Shaun was like keep wishing me Happy Birthday non stop the moment they saw me. Three hours break was spent laughing at two retards playing 'Badminton' in the library! LOL! Shaun and WeiXuan was like playing 'Badminton' using ShwuBoon's stationary, her calculator cover, calculator and eraser! poor ShwuBoon cannot concentrate studying for her retest cos there was like two silly boy who never fail to hit her wif their 'shuttlecock' accidentally. Can you imagine that? That was indeed an epic moment! Hahahhaha! Lunch wif my Happy Pills at some random place sitting on the floor eating our da bao food! So cute! Haha.

Surprise Birthday celebration from QiuLing, Angeline and JiaJia yesterday resulting in me not having any dinner yesterday! Hehe, Got another one from the REVIVE and Nicole!

Ended with CO training at Ngee Ann.

I don wanna anything grand, no need anything huge. Had the most simplest, sweetest and awesome Birthday today! A BIG THANX to every single one of you guys who wishes me on FB, Twitter, Whatapps, msges and even face to face. Really appreciate it alot! All these wishes shall be the best gift that i had ever received! Cos it represents that you guys had me in your heart and actually remember my birthday. Super super touched! I feel so blessed and loved by your! Really really thanx alot! <3

I made the same wish for every candles i had blown. What more could i have ask despite having you guys such awesome people in my life!  =')


Monday, January 9

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Today is the release of the O'levels result! So damn scared for my my little brother. In the end he score quite well with a score of L1R4 16 marks, The only bad thing is that he got D7 for his English paper. English is indeed a killer paper for him. Overall, I'm proud of him! ^^

No matter where you are gng, what choices you are gonna make, jus rmb that you will always be the one who i love and care for the most. Olso the one that i worried abt the most. You will always be my dear dear little brother! <3

Saturday, January 7

There's a beauty that lies inside each and single one of you...

Tuesday, January 3

Memories of 2011!

2011 is a great year, but 2012 is gonna be a more awesome year wif you guys staying by my side! 
*not forgetting all the others whom i never get the chance to take photo wif. =)

Resolution for 2012 is to not be so lazy anymore, no more procrastinating! Hehe!