Sunday, November 27

The day pass by damn fast today. Maybe mainly bcos today is damn busy at work ba. Think me, Aisyah and JunYi is gonna have rootbeer float phobia for the past few days. Managed to sell a total of 80 plus float in one day! That's like super lots! Ros is leaving Bongo soon. Haiz. Although she might not be a good manager, I will definitely miss her de. Just don like the feeling of people leaving. One by one, everyone is leaving. Guess, one day i might leave there olso like ba.
I know that by reading all these it would only make myself hurt. But then i just can't help but to read all those tweets, Although you guys did not really mention who you are saying, I know that that person is me. I can't help but to keep myself hurt. I rather know the truth then being keep in  the dark. It is the truth that i like him. So what? Do you guys have to make a big fuss out of it? And I'm sorry for making you being disturbed by them bcos of me!
To end off, today is a mood-less day.

Saturday, November 26

Today was chaos at work. System keep on down and that was damn irritating, No one seems to be in the mood to work siol, Meet Sharon and WeiXuan at Orchard Point and started window shopping for a while. Haha, Had lots of small talk along the way.
Movie with Sharon, Joey, WeiXuan, JaiChyi, SongYan and William at Tiong Bahru. "You are the apple of my eye" is a damn awesome show! Seriously. Keep laughing non stop all the way,
Train home and i alighted at Lakeside when i am suppose to alight at boon lay. Don know what i was doing/thinking at that point of time.
Small talk and an awesome movie marks the end of a chaos day! =)

Should learn how not to get so paranoid...

Friday, November 25

Ate a damn heavy lunch today. One McSpicy meal plus two sets of 6 pieces nuggets! Haha. Omg. At this rate that I am gng, I am definitely gonna get fat if I don do anything about it. But then I'm just way too lazy. =/
There's smth that i had always wanna ask Sharon and finally I manage to ask her today and realize that things are not as bad as they seems. Feel so much better after asking her. Hehe. Went to the library to watch the Orphan wif Thandar and Hsu Zin after lesson cos jus don't feel like gng home so early. That was one of my most embarrassing moment of my life sia! I scream at a scene and the people around me was like staring at me like i was some monster or what like that! Super super ps to the max! Anyway that was a nice horror movie cos it was the first show that make me scream. Haha. Nice bonding wif classmates today. Hope tmr will go out fine.

Tuesday, November 22

Hmm. Getting too emotional lately. Don know what happen to be recently, tend to feel sad, jealous, feel like crying and mood-less suddenly. Really hate the current emotion me. I can't seems to focus on whatever i'm doing! Must overcome and get over it!
I realize that nothing really matters anymore. Cause i don ask for any returns from any one of your. Stay strong and pick yourself up KaiQin! GO Go go!

Wednesday, November 16

Today is no school day! Haha, Met Aaron at Toa Payoh for lunch. We settle down at Mac cos the food court is simply filled with people. Love listening to him talking about May and how in love he is with her. It is simply too interesting and funny. After that he send me to the place where i was suppose to had my facial done. He was damn cute sia. Asking me if he could go inside sleep instead of going home cos he don wanna go home sleep and being drag out of bed by his mum. LOL!
Had my first ever facial done today! I was like freaking scared siol. The process was painful but damn shiok!
Haha. She literally help me pluck all my blackhead one by one out sia. 辛苦她了!The whole facial last for 4 hours so i literally slept for 4 hours there. Haha. Really can feel the difference of the result. Shall maintain it and don let it worsen anymore. I need to learn how to control. That marks my first step of becoming more pretty. 要学会爱自己,那么别人才会爱你。

Congrats to Thandar and WeiXuan for getting 2nd and 3rd in ECE! So proud of them.  =)

Monday, November 14

From now on, I'm gonna just study, practice my zhong hu and really take good care of my complexion already. No more side tracks, no more slacking! It is time I really focus!

Tuesday, November 8

Mixed feelings. It's been a long time since I ever felt this way. I was ok for a moment but at the other moment I started to feel sad for no reason. Don like the state I am now. Can't seems to focus and do well in anything now. I know I shouldn't have feel this way but I just can't help it. I got a feeling that he is in love with the gurl next to me and not me. I have fallen for someone whom I know I shouldn't. All this is just gonna make me stronger and stronger.

Monday, November 7

In one months time, I must....
1) Improve my skin conditions
2) Improve on my music skills
3) Burn away all my fats
4) Study really hard for all my modules
Mr Wong is right. I need to be push before I will get down to work. I am so gonna push myself and get all these things done! Not going to be lazy anymore. I must do it! Stress is the only way that I can make me do all my work.

Good lucks for all the fellow taking their A'levels tmr! You guys can do it one! JIAYOU AND DO NOT GIVE UP~ =)

Saturday, November 5

Friday, November 4

Someone posted the video of JSSCO 2007 concert on facebook which was like 4 years ago. Watching all these videos remind me of the times we all had together. The fun, laughter, sweat and tears we had on the stage. I miss JSSCO! Miss each and single one of your. Thanx for making my 4 years in JSS such a meaningful one. Cos you guys exist! =')

Lastly, I'm sorry that i love you!

Thursday, November 3

Been busy with practicing for the concert these few days. The concert was quite a successful one. Although it is not a huge and not play well one, we had done our best and it is finally over! Well done Npco! We shall continue to strive and become even better as an orchestra.Thanx a lot to CiaoLu, XinRen and HuiXiang for coming down and support us! Hope that you all somehow enjoy it. Now that it is over, what's up next? Ytccco recital which is in like a few weeks time!
Went for blood donation yesterday, however, I fail for the second time cos there is lack of iron in my body! =( Never mind, I shall try it again next time!
To me, every small things you do means alot of things.Cos i tend to notice every single small things you do. 

Tuesday, November 1