Wednesday, May 22


Happy graduation to Hannah and ShengYi! You girls had been such a blessing to me, and I thanx God for your! So proud of your! As your move on to another phase of life, I pray that you will be able to discover more of God's amazing plan for you and keep believing in Him! 

Tuesday, May 21

Another Phase of Life Ended

3 years full of ups and downs. Memories that will be remembered forever. Appreciated and grateful for every single one of your that had a part to play. Be it bad or good, I am thankful for everything.  

Looking back, I have never regretted. Even though, things may not be going well for the past 3 years, I am grateful for every single relationship that I had made. The friends, the fun, the laughter, the cries, the hurt and every other thing was something that had mold me and shape me to become stronger, I really treasured my years in Ngee Ann that I had spent with every single one of your. No matter who you are, close or not close, enemy or friends, I am thankful for everyone of your! Thank for everything be it good or bad. 

Lastly, thank you Lord for bringing me through this tough 3 years. You are the best gift that I could ever receive! Without You, I am indeed nothing. 

Moving on to another phase of life. Looking forward to all the challenges ahead. =)

Monday, May 20


No matter what happen you will always always be my dear little brother. The one whom I love. I believe that  God has something awesome plan for you this year. May you be able to accept this awesome God into you life and experience the unchanging love He had towards you soon. Looking forward for that day to come. I love you.