Thursday, September 29


Off from Bongo and did not have any date today so decided to help out KaiLi and KeHan at their workplace. The place is called St. Rengis Hotel which is located somewhere at Orchard. It is actually listed as one of the best 5 hotels in Singapore! Can you imagine how excited and scared I am when i first step into it? Haha. Firstly, they brought me to a place to get our uniform. There are a total of 5 pieces of clothes that i need to get. The long sleeve shirt, long pants, apron, tie and the vest! OMG! That was really a lot sia. Luckily by the end of the day i don need to bought it back home and wash.
My job scope of the day was to help out in an event at a room that they call "Vintage" serving foods and wine and hot towels to the guests. The event was organized by a company called The Six Senses Private Resort. Bacisally, i spend the first four hours doing nothing. Just walking around the Vintage room asking guests if they wanna some dessert that's all. The dessert was simply too gorgeous and damn mouthwatering making me keep on having the thoughts of eating it, but it is not right to do so. That was the boring part and i lost count of how many times i had yawn. Haha. The fun part came when the event ended and we are suppose to clear the room and make a turnover to prepare for the event the next day.
End the day with eating the dessert. It turn out to be not as nice as it looks. Therefore, appearance can be quite deceiving! Got a free ride home and that mark the end of my long long day at St. Rengis Hotel.
Thanx KaiLi and KeHan for helping me out the whole day! =)

Wednesday, September 28

Happening Outing!

Went on a random date with Aisyah and JunYi. Haha. Had lots of fun and talk lots of crap the whole day.
Firstly, we went to Aisyah's so called school, which was located at a floor in the National Library, for her CCA interview. Poor me and JunYi had to entertain ourselves with some Vampires VS Zombies game on Aisyah's ITouch.  Went to watch "Fright Night" after that. It was a horror and romance movie introduce by JunYi. A show that showcase this teenager whom found out that his neighbor is actually a vampire and how he was going to save all his love ones from this evil vampire. Aisyah cried after the show cos she felt that the vampires are just too ugly! LOL! Why are you so cute Aisyah? Haha. Went to Clarke Quay after that for dinner. OMG! I had never been there before and that place was simply gorgeous especially at night.

Saw this G-MAX Reverse Bungy & GX-5 Xtreme Swing which is like damn cool sia!
 Shall try it one day! With some daring souls. Hehe.

 Went to some "Mr Curry" restaurant for dinner and headed home. Thanx Aisyah and JunYi for the beautiful night! Bringing me to a place that I didn't know that it exist. More outing next time! ^^

 Thanx for your guidance and teaching for the past 4 years. You had not only taught me music but olso the values of life. Without you I will not be whom I am today. Thanx for bringing so much joy and laughter to YTCCCO, this big big family! 所谓一日为师,终生为父!You will always be a father to us all! We love you!

Tuesday, September 27

Stocktaking Day

Met JiaJia early in the morning before work. Even through she was makeup less she still look as chio as before.
Haha. Now that i had gonna my bag organizer, it is time i be organize alr. Hehe. Must thanx JiaJia for it! ^^

Today is stocktaking day at Bongo! Aww. Now I scared of numbers alr.
1, 2, 3, 4....100, 101, 102... And it goes on and on. Miscount? Have to count over and over  again. Didn't know that stocktaking can be so so tiring siol.
However, at least it kept me occupied the whole day at work. So, it was not that bad after all. =)

Epic conversation of the day.
Manager: *takes soft drink* "WHY I GOT SO MANY STAFF TODAY WHY NO ONE TOP UP THE ICE??"
Manager started to laugh and throw ice cube at him!

Huge raindrops are falling down! Love the smell and the sounds of the falling rain. Be careful not to catch a cold, lovelies. 


Monday, September 26

Well, this is my first ever post and can't imagine that I had actually create one.
Things always happen whenever we least expected it to happen, I guess.
I am  a nerd when it comes to IT stuff. Still trying to figure out how this thingy actually works,
Nevertheless, stay tuned.