Tuesday, February 28

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Exams ended like a one week ago and had been working almost everyday. At least that keep me busy and stop me for thinking about it for that moment only. Till now I still can't seems to get over it, will tend to think about it whenever I am alone. That hurts really alot alot, even till now. Can there be a complete cure to it? I hate this feeling and don like the person whom I am now. Too much mix feelings, hurt, wounded and can't seems to focus on the things that I set for myself.

Other then that, work was getting more and more interesting. Everyday I get to experience different things, get to face different challenge. I get to know the good and evil side of all humans, be more understanding and get to know why people tends to do things this way. All these contribute a lot to my life experiences.  

I know that there is no way I can feel hurt and sad cos of that incident cos it had left a huge impact on me. But that shall add as a reminder and lesson for me ba... 

Wednesday, February 15

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Spent my valentine with the animals! Hehe, Damn shag but it was damn fun after all. Went to the zoo with MinYi, SiewLin and JunYi in the morning and went back to birdpark to help out bqt for their Valentine dinner event at night! Took lots of photos and had lots of inside jokes. Hehe. The Valentine dinner that they had in birdpark is actually to have a dinner wif the PENGUINS! They are indeed beautiful animals, so fat and cute! That was the first time I had actually come into so close contact wif it! <3 

Somehow came into a realization that I rather have a some very very close guy friend then a boyfriend now. LOL! That was a random thought from yst. Hehe.

How blurr can I be to actually didn't realize that my contacts lens is tore and still continue wearing it and lost my Ezlink card! T.T  However, really thanks God that there no infection in my eye and I just receive a call from my granny that I had actually left it at her hse! Hehe! =P

Wednesday, February 8

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So so much things had happened recently. But that make me wonder and ponder more about myself. Just what kind of person am I to the people around me? This week is filled with disappointment, hurt, sad, laughter and anger. However, everything is over liao, I hope so? =/

Realize that I had a group of friends or rather many people who are just too overly concern about me. Of cos, there's always a pros and cons to everything. You know who you are, just wanna say I feel very very blessed to have you guys! Really appreciated the things your had done for me even to the extreme extent.

Note to myself:
Stop thinking and fear for the things that is gonna or might not happen. Find back my determination and get things that done. Worrying is not gonna take me anywhere. GET STARTED! =D

Thursday, February 2

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I had been lying if I said that I am alright. I am alright when I am with my friends. However, it is a different case when I am alone. My mind just start to go wild. thinking of things that I should not be thinking, Feeling damn down these few weeks. That was just too much info and everything just come and right smack on me. All these was too sudden. The thought of it just make me realize that everything was just nothing but lies. KaiQin, you had cried enough for these pass few days already. Accept it, get over it and move on! Stop letting these thoughts hurt you and affect you in anyway anymore! Just gonna stay strong!
In any case, I will still be there whenever you need me and our friendship won't be ruin because of that.