Thursday, December 29

This is a app on FB. Shall blog it cause it seems so funny!

Falling sick is so not fun at all! T.T

Wednesday, December 28

Tuesday, December 27

Went to meet Hafizah and Shah after work. QiaoYi was suppose to come but then she didn't cos she is sick. =( Take care QiaoYi!
Had dinner at BREEKS at Causeway Point after that headed to Sembawang to sing. We are kinda lost at Sembangwang trying to find Sembawang Shopping Centre. LOL! Manage to find the place at some remote place and i sing until I'm voiceless. Dear me.
On the way back home, we were like talking nonsense and acting so crazy. Haha. It had been a long time I been so crazy, laughing and laughing at almost everything.


 Overall, today was a fun and crazy day! Hehe.

Sunday, December 25

A simple yet beautiful Christmas. No greater joy than to give.

Saturday, December 24

Met SiewSia early in the morning to get some gift. As usual she was late. LOL. The blurr her lost her ezlink card at Long John Silver however, God bless her and she manage to find it in the end.

Went to her church for some Christmas Bash! From there i get to know about a guy name Dr. K Benny Prasad. He holds the World Record for being the fastest man on earth to travel to 245 countries in the shortest time- 6 years, 6 months and 22 days! He is described by the doctors as a Walking Miracle. HE SUFFERED FROM SEVERE ASTHMA which required him to take cortisone steroids from which he DEVELOPED RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, 60 % LUNG DAMAGE AND AN IMMUNE SYSTEM REGULARLY FAILING HIM, which threatens his life even to this day.

Benny designed this 20 String Harp/Bongo Guitar in October 2006. It has 6 strings, 2 Bongos and a 14 String Harp. He is just so so amazing!

Today shall be the most memorable Christmas eve I had ever spend. =)

Friday, December 23

Had a GREAT SILENT FALL at work today! LOL! Don know why, but I was laughing like hell after that cos I the way i fall was damn funny sia. T.T

Thursday, December 22

Had a happening shopping spreeeeee wif QiuLing and JiaJia today! =)
It was indeed a productive day. Bought a long dress, a shoe, a portable charger and a dress! It is time i start to save money liao. Should try not to spend so much. Hehe.
It had been a long time since i met them. As usual, we went to our usual shopping place and spend hours there just shopping and eating there. You guys are forever my best shopping partners! Haha.
I am happygurl93 today. Had so much laughter and crap today! =)


Wednesday, December 21

Helllo! I am back from my 4 days 3 nites YI (Youth Impact) Camp! The camp is not like any ordinary camp. It is rather quite a special and unique camp. It is simply awesome! With awesome people and awesome games and awesome sessions and awesome food! Everything there is simply so awesome!
I indeed learn alot and gain lots of experience in this camp. I learn that God do really exist if you truly believe in him. And the only way to do that is to open your heart to him. Open it up and make Him come into your life and change you. I really felt His existence on one of the session. The feeling is just too awesome, too overwhelming that no words could be used to describe it. You really need to experience it yourself, then you will know how it feels like.
The most important thing I learn in this camp is to be yourself! Each and every one of us are create in such a way that we are unique in our own ways, There is no need for us to be like jealous of others. We are just the way we are. We are olso gifted in some ways too. Instead of admiring someone else and hope to be like them, we should use whatever gift we are given by God to serve others.
Thanx SiewSia for asking me to join her in the camp, Estee for sharing wif me all her stories, SiewYu, Hannah, Faith, WeiHao, YuLing, XinHui, Esther, YanXing, Edna, Jerry, Cherlyn, Patricia, ZhenHui, QiJun, Zara, Clarence, JiaHui and many many more for taking really good care of me for the past few days! You guys are simply awesome and hope that our friendship doesn't end here! =)
Now I finally know the reasons why SiewSia and SiewYu are so into it alr, That's bcos God is indeed worth all their time, all their worship and praises!
I kinda miss the camp alr...

Saturday, December 17

HAPPY HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART! <3 Firstly, welcome back to YTCCCO after 6 months of leave due to A'level! There's plenty plenty of things for us to catch up with! Haha! Thanx for being my crapping partner! Hehe. Miss you seriously...

Friday, December 16

Today is the end of common test! =) But somehow I felt so lost, don know what to do. Shall keep myself busy for the whole of my two week holiday. Like to be constantly busy with things rather then rotting and wasting my time. Hehe. Need to plan like now!

Can't help it, they're too cute together. Sometimes, liking someone doesn't mean that you need to have him or her. =)

Thursday, December 15

Busy studying for common test recently. Left one more paper to go and then two weeks of busy schedule and back to school. Had been thinking quite a lot recently.
Not gonna care about those people whom hate or don like me. Cos haters simply hate. But that doesn't mean that i hate you olso. Sometimes i do really wish that they could just simply come up to me and tell me what had i done to make them hate me. That is impossible but if that really were to happen, it would be greatly appreciated. Cos it takes lots of courage for them to do that. So haters, maybe i had done something wrong or offended you guys in some way or another, I would just wanna say a big sorry for whatever harm i had done to your. I'm really sorry!
Time to study for my last subject le. JIAYOU KaiQin! =)

Saturday, December 3

Practice end early cos there was a yew tee cc open hse in the morning. Went to IMM fir dinner wif XinRen, SuXian, XiaoQi, AiLing and AiHua. Haha. Today had lots of heart to heart talk and they are like more open up already, Today is a meaningful day and olso indeed a day filled with discoveries!

Don like to see the current state of you now. Maybe i was wrong right from the start. Maybe i shouldn't have told you that...

Friday, December 2

OMG! Why are you so so talented? Know how to play the piano, keyboard as well as the guitar! So so attracted to guys who can play instruments. Especially the piano! Discover this at the jamming room today. Haha.
Everyday there will be something new for me to discover about you. =)

Thursday, December 1

Should I or should I not? This question had been revolving in my mind for like days already. I really don know what I should do. I wanna tell him the truth but I dare not. But keeping him in the dark is olso not gonna help him in anyway. Either way, he is sure to be hurt one. Haiz. I should learn not to care so much about people feelings then i will not have such a problem alr...
The truth may hurts but what lies behind the lies hurt even more...