Wednesday, May 22


Happy graduation to Hannah and ShengYi! You girls had been such a blessing to me, and I thanx God for your! So proud of your! As your move on to another phase of life, I pray that you will be able to discover more of God's amazing plan for you and keep believing in Him! 

Tuesday, May 21

Another Phase of Life Ended

3 years full of ups and downs. Memories that will be remembered forever. Appreciated and grateful for every single one of your that had a part to play. Be it bad or good, I am thankful for everything.  

Looking back, I have never regretted. Even though, things may not be going well for the past 3 years, I am grateful for every single relationship that I had made. The friends, the fun, the laughter, the cries, the hurt and every other thing was something that had mold me and shape me to become stronger, I really treasured my years in Ngee Ann that I had spent with every single one of your. No matter who you are, close or not close, enemy or friends, I am thankful for everyone of your! Thank for everything be it good or bad. 

Lastly, thank you Lord for bringing me through this tough 3 years. You are the best gift that I could ever receive! Without You, I am indeed nothing. 

Moving on to another phase of life. Looking forward to all the challenges ahead. =)

Monday, May 20


No matter what happen you will always always be my dear little brother. The one whom I love. I believe that  God has something awesome plan for you this year. May you be able to accept this awesome God into you life and experience the unchanging love He had towards you soon. Looking forward for that day to come. I love you. 

Tuesday, January 29

What's Wrong?

Every single day we are all caught up in the things in our life. Slowly, the 'thing' have become and replace human. No longer do we seek and build relationship, build life together, the 'thing' have replaced all of it slowly day by day. Each and single one of us are all busy with our own thing, who would have the heart to care about the others... Often, it end up in more and more broken relationship and people hurt. Some get so use to it that they didn't think there is s need for healing, thus making us to turn ourselves away from our healer, our savior, away from God.

I feel the desperate help of the lost soul and those who have turn away from God out there. It just does not feel comfortable. Human on the streets, in school, workplace, at home are all wearing a mask to live life. Living as through they were ok on the outside but deep inside them they are just so filled with sorrows. It is the world that make us think that that was actually 'ok'! BUT the truth is that was actually NOT ok!

Dear Father,
I pray that you would just talk some senses to all of the human that you had created! Tell them to really stop living a life that seems ok. Correct each and single wrongs with your truth. I don understand why do all these have to happen, why are things starting to be more valued, more important than relationship and other human but I know that you are definitely in control of it. Open the flood gates of heaven and wash away all the worldly thoughts that each and every one have. Cleanse all our mind and heart and make it as pure as gold. The world is simply in a chaos. Come and take control of everything. Let us use of heart to think instead of using our mind so that we won try to logic things out.  I feel helpless. I know that something is just not right, it is simply just hurting. But I have no idea on what can we do. Guide us and tell us what we can do to really make an impact of this chaos world. I pray all this in Jesus name, AMEN!

Sunday, January 13

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed 

Yesterday is the 20th year of my life on Earth. Never had I think that I am worthily of anything. But yesterday was the day where all the truth started to relive itself one by one, one after another. 

Service was awesome when Brother John started to tell us to GET REAL and start to put down all the baggages that we had all been carrying for the past few years. I feel like it was really something that I need to hear. Often I don like it when others are fake wif me but the truth is I am fake to them too, Wearing a mask that everything seems ok where ever i go. Time to take off the mask and make this 20th year on earth a special one! GET REAL! 

"Everything is worthless when compared to the infinite value of knowing Jesus Chirst." This is so true, without Him, I won be who I am today, 

I'm touched, grateful and speechless for all those small little things that Revive 1 and 3 had done to plan my birthday surprise. It was something that I did not expect, but all these small small things were the ones that I will remember so dearly. I say I am worthless, useless, not capable of anything but God say I am not! My Lifegroup show me that I am definitely worth all these!

It was only when I start to take off the mask of mine then to realize that I am so so vulnerable. Without God and those awesome people God have placed in my life, I won have the strength to even hang on till these day. cannot imagine the life I may be living now without God, without them. No words could expressed how much I am grateful and thankful towards all of them. Feel blessed beyond words.

Now, I am not afraid of falling. Cos I know that no matter what might happen in the future, I have a group of awesome people that is always ready to catch me, support me, and most importantly, I have a faithful and awesome Father! 

All the past hurt, scars had slowly been heal by Him and it was in Him that I found rest! 


Wednesday, January 2

Living in darkness...

When to Dialogue In The Dark in Ngee Ann today. I had always known that this place exist but I don really know what does it do or rather what is the purpose of my school to have it. Today, I finally got an answer to my doubt. Oh my! The whole journey in there is simply breathtaking! 

We were all being guild into a room of complete darkness! There was no light at all. No matter how hard you tried to look at the surroundings around you, you will see nothing! Literally nothing at all. Haha! Living in complete darkness in the room for a full 30 mins is so not funny at all! In a room that there is complete darkness, it will instill so much fear in you. Is just a feeling that you had lose one of your sense and the only thing you can do is to only relied on your other senses. We were each given a stick which is the only thing that we can find our security on only. Through the whole journey, we are being guild by a lady called Serene. She herself is blind. I feel that it was so amazing that she is able to guild us through the whole journey, explaining to us in detail how life being blind is like and how to go about walking and feeling things in the darkness.

It was indeed a whole new experience for me, feeling the wall as I made my way around the room, trying to cross the road by just by listening to the sound of the traffic light. Going to the market feeling all those different spices, fruits and vegetables, guessing the brand of a car and the license number just by feeling it. Buying food and eating it, the only different is just that all these was all being done in complete darkness. It may seems fun to be doing all these, experience how it is to live life in darkness, but if I had to live life forever like that, it is not fun anymore! 

The whole journey made me become so appreciative and grateful that I am not gonna live life in darkness forever. It somehow make me become more determined to help all those who are living in darkness in their own life, They may seems physically well on the outside but inside them they are actually 'blind'. I wanna be the one who is able to bring light into their life. Lead them out of darkness and live in light once again. 

The last thing I remember during the whole journey of darkness is the warm hand of Serene. Whenever, I feel so frantic, so scared, there's seem to be nothing in front of me that I could get hold of, there will be these hand and voice that never fail to comfort me in the dark room. Leading and guiding me through and get out of it. Am amazed by how a blind lady could be able to lead me out of the dark room.

God work the same way too! In darkness of my life, He will also be the one who never fails and lead me out of it, Grateful. 

Tuesday, January 1


A year had just passed and it is once again a brand new year. In 2012, I really do had so much to be thankful and grateful of. The best decision I had ever made was to really come to be in a relationship with God. A God that is so awesome and never fails. Shall start this year that God had create right with Him. I don't know what are the challenges, the problems that I will be facing in this new phase of my life. But I am just gonna keep believing, keep believing in Him! Cause all things work for the good for those who are in Christ Jesus! So thankful for all the people He had place in my life, Thankful for those who had help me so much along the way. It is the presence of you guys that make me feel how it is like to be loved and be blessed! Heart full of gratefulness! 2012 was a pretty chaos and blessed year, so looking forward of what more is God gonna do in 2013 of my life! 

A promise that I made in the first day of 2013...
-To have a deeper and closer relationship with this awesome God of mine
-To have a heart for people, really going all out to for each and single one of them, trying to meets all their needs
-Get my relationship right with the people that God had placed in my life. Not to be fearful of anyone
-Made each single day of 2013 a meaningful one! Living for the only one and no one else.
-Be able to control my emotion and not let it control me anymore.