Friday, October 21

First week of school...

School was fairly good for this week. New classmates, familiar faces, new environment. No matter what it is, i will make the best out of everything! I shall hit my expected results for this semester. For once, i listen to every single lesson in class siol. So proud of myself. Hehe.

Had a lot of unexpected meetups today. Had lunch with Nicole, QiuLing, SiewSia, SiewYu, Eugene, WeiXuan, Dennis and many many more. It had been ages since i met that huge group for lunch already. It still feels weird through, however, had lots of catchup with Nicole and SiewSia! Awwww. We might not be that close anymore, but i still had lots of fun gossiping with them. Hehe. Thank you, WeiXuan for making my lunch break such an enjoyable one! If you had not choose to join them, doubt that i will be there also. Saw LiShi on the way home and we started talking about our primary school life which seems like so far far away liao.

Praying hard that Eemin will be able to be promoted to JC2, Angeline will be strong and don let her grandfather's death affect her A'levels. That mark the end of my long day, catching up with all my lovelies friends. Can't help but feel worried about them.

You are the only one whose names i will never fails to mention whenever i am with my lovelies. The only one whom i won get sick of talking and talking about. Hehe. =P

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