Saturday, October 8


WHY? Why must it always be you who ruin everything? Why must it be you be the reason to everything? Do you know how much i had been suffocating under you? For the past 18 years you had been controlling me like no body's business. Not letting me go for these not allowing me go for that. My childhood had just past without me doing anything that i wanna do at all! I cannot afford to let you ruin my youth as well.
I know that i had not been a good daughter for these past 18 years in my life. But do you had any idea how hard I'm trying to become like one? The more you control me the more stubborn i will become. I just wanna do things that i like and enjoy doing. Why can't i? I'm tired. Seriously tired of this kind of life. A life that are build up with lies, more and more lies. Do you know how much it hurts me every time i had to lie to you just in order to go out with my friends? I'm not scared that you are angry or what. I just don wanna you to be sad, to be hurt.
That's also the only reason why i won let you know what had happen to me during my past 17 years. I rather I'm the only one whom are hurt, keeping everything to myself then let you know the truth. Cause the truth really hurts a lot a lot.
I felt bad, i felt guilty of all the things that i had done in the past. I tried really hard to compensate to all my wrongdoings. You will always be the reason why i cried late at night, the reason why i cried to sleep.
Daddy, could you please let me have my freedom? I don wanna be like a bird being locked in a cage forever anymore already! Let me fly... 

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