Saturday, October 29

Fruitful week!

Second week of school had just pass by like a breeze. This week was a very productive one cos had lots of small talks with quite a number of frens and that make me get to know them better. =)
Monday after school went to meet QiuLing and Eugene and they were like as sweet as always. It is always a joy to see them together cos they make such a perfect couple to me. 
Tuesday went to Singapore Conference Hall to watch SP Chinese Orchestra Concert. That place indeed bring back lots of memories. Somehow i miss the times when we were performing on stage for SYF. I miss those times. However, somehow i will not be able to experience it ever again liao.
Wednesday was a day out at Sentosa with the Siews sisters and their church people. That was indeed a fun but tiring day. I was sick the next day due to the sandstorm created by us. Haha. Had lots of heart to heart talk with SiewSia.
Thursday had a get to know each other session with WeiXuan, Shuan and Jerry.
Friday when out of school for lunch with WeiXuan. Sharon and Dennis. We basically gossip about each and everyone of us de past realationship.
Today went to St. Rengis to work again to help out KaiLi and KeHan. Train home with KeHan and started talking about how KaiLi and him get together.
There is always a story to tell behind each and every soul. I love listening to all these stories as it not only make you get to know what kind of person he or she is, get to know them better, these experiences are olso things that you can learn from.
Thank you guys for making my week such an interesting one! <3

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