Thursday, October 6


Had a advance birthday celebration for Aisyah at the Night Safari yesterday! Spam lots of photos yesterday. Here are some of them.

Us having dinner at Night Safari Bongo Burgers when most of us are working at Jurong Bird Park Bingo Burgers!

Fail shot 1!~ When me and Hidayah start knocking onto each other's head. OUCH! 

Here comes the aftereffect of it! LOL!

I'm so in love with photography! 

Thanx for the beautiful night! You guys will always be the only reason why i come to work!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AISYAH! Although I had know you for less then half a month, you make a very very good working partner as well as a good friend. Thanx for being such a sweetie to me! Hope you enjoy the celebration that we had plan for you! Stay happy and pretty forever and ever! ^^

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