Friday, November 25

Ate a damn heavy lunch today. One McSpicy meal plus two sets of 6 pieces nuggets! Haha. Omg. At this rate that I am gng, I am definitely gonna get fat if I don do anything about it. But then I'm just way too lazy. =/
There's smth that i had always wanna ask Sharon and finally I manage to ask her today and realize that things are not as bad as they seems. Feel so much better after asking her. Hehe. Went to the library to watch the Orphan wif Thandar and Hsu Zin after lesson cos jus don't feel like gng home so early. That was one of my most embarrassing moment of my life sia! I scream at a scene and the people around me was like staring at me like i was some monster or what like that! Super super ps to the max! Anyway that was a nice horror movie cos it was the first show that make me scream. Haha. Nice bonding wif classmates today. Hope tmr will go out fine.

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