Thursday, November 3

Been busy with practicing for the concert these few days. The concert was quite a successful one. Although it is not a huge and not play well one, we had done our best and it is finally over! Well done Npco! We shall continue to strive and become even better as an orchestra.Thanx a lot to CiaoLu, XinRen and HuiXiang for coming down and support us! Hope that you all somehow enjoy it. Now that it is over, what's up next? Ytccco recital which is in like a few weeks time!
Went for blood donation yesterday, however, I fail for the second time cos there is lack of iron in my body! =( Never mind, I shall try it again next time!
To me, every small things you do means alot of things.Cos i tend to notice every single small things you do. 

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