Sunday, November 27

The day pass by damn fast today. Maybe mainly bcos today is damn busy at work ba. Think me, Aisyah and JunYi is gonna have rootbeer float phobia for the past few days. Managed to sell a total of 80 plus float in one day! That's like super lots! Ros is leaving Bongo soon. Haiz. Although she might not be a good manager, I will definitely miss her de. Just don like the feeling of people leaving. One by one, everyone is leaving. Guess, one day i might leave there olso like ba.
I know that by reading all these it would only make myself hurt. But then i just can't help but to read all those tweets, Although you guys did not really mention who you are saying, I know that that person is me. I can't help but to keep myself hurt. I rather know the truth then being keep in  the dark. It is the truth that i like him. So what? Do you guys have to make a big fuss out of it? And I'm sorry for making you being disturbed by them bcos of me!
To end off, today is a mood-less day.

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