Wednesday, November 16

Today is no school day! Haha, Met Aaron at Toa Payoh for lunch. We settle down at Mac cos the food court is simply filled with people. Love listening to him talking about May and how in love he is with her. It is simply too interesting and funny. After that he send me to the place where i was suppose to had my facial done. He was damn cute sia. Asking me if he could go inside sleep instead of going home cos he don wanna go home sleep and being drag out of bed by his mum. LOL!
Had my first ever facial done today! I was like freaking scared siol. The process was painful but damn shiok!
Haha. She literally help me pluck all my blackhead one by one out sia. 辛苦她了!The whole facial last for 4 hours so i literally slept for 4 hours there. Haha. Really can feel the difference of the result. Shall maintain it and don let it worsen anymore. I need to learn how to control. That marks my first step of becoming more pretty. 要学会爱自己,那么别人才会爱你。

Congrats to Thandar and WeiXuan for getting 2nd and 3rd in ECE! So proud of them.  =)

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