Wednesday, December 21

Helllo! I am back from my 4 days 3 nites YI (Youth Impact) Camp! The camp is not like any ordinary camp. It is rather quite a special and unique camp. It is simply awesome! With awesome people and awesome games and awesome sessions and awesome food! Everything there is simply so awesome!
I indeed learn alot and gain lots of experience in this camp. I learn that God do really exist if you truly believe in him. And the only way to do that is to open your heart to him. Open it up and make Him come into your life and change you. I really felt His existence on one of the session. The feeling is just too awesome, too overwhelming that no words could be used to describe it. You really need to experience it yourself, then you will know how it feels like.
The most important thing I learn in this camp is to be yourself! Each and every one of us are create in such a way that we are unique in our own ways, There is no need for us to be like jealous of others. We are just the way we are. We are olso gifted in some ways too. Instead of admiring someone else and hope to be like them, we should use whatever gift we are given by God to serve others.
Thanx SiewSia for asking me to join her in the camp, Estee for sharing wif me all her stories, SiewYu, Hannah, Faith, WeiHao, YuLing, XinHui, Esther, YanXing, Edna, Jerry, Cherlyn, Patricia, ZhenHui, QiJun, Zara, Clarence, JiaHui and many many more for taking really good care of me for the past few days! You guys are simply awesome and hope that our friendship doesn't end here! =)
Now I finally know the reasons why SiewSia and SiewYu are so into it alr, That's bcos God is indeed worth all their time, all their worship and praises!
I kinda miss the camp alr...

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