Saturday, December 24

Met SiewSia early in the morning to get some gift. As usual she was late. LOL. The blurr her lost her ezlink card at Long John Silver however, God bless her and she manage to find it in the end.

Went to her church for some Christmas Bash! From there i get to know about a guy name Dr. K Benny Prasad. He holds the World Record for being the fastest man on earth to travel to 245 countries in the shortest time- 6 years, 6 months and 22 days! He is described by the doctors as a Walking Miracle. HE SUFFERED FROM SEVERE ASTHMA which required him to take cortisone steroids from which he DEVELOPED RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, 60 % LUNG DAMAGE AND AN IMMUNE SYSTEM REGULARLY FAILING HIM, which threatens his life even to this day.

Benny designed this 20 String Harp/Bongo Guitar in October 2006. It has 6 strings, 2 Bongos and a 14 String Harp. He is just so so amazing!

Today shall be the most memorable Christmas eve I had ever spend. =)

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