Wednesday, March 14

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Yesterday, I had the biggest fall ever! LOL! 

Went to Pulau Ubin wifth Shaq and WeiQiang. Damn excited and cos that was the first time we all when there. The feeling of excited and scared overwhelm us. I was damn scared that we might lost our way and get lost there. Haha! A few days before QiuLing and JiaJia was telling me how dangerous it was there and how many people actually lose their life there. Thinking of what they told me now I still think that we are quite lucky. Hehe.

Pulau Ubin is actually a very adventurous place for those who like challenge. You don know what you will be expecting of and see at the very next moment. We took the boat from the Changi Jetty all the way there. That was my first time taking the boat. LOL! 

We cycled for a few hours then I had my first fall at the down slope. It was damn steep and I had no time to brake and CRASH! I fly off my bike and hit right smack on the road. That was seriously damn pain siol! Blood keep oozing out from my left kneecap and my left elbow. The best thing is that my shorts actually torn apart! That was when Shaq and WeiQiang rush down and see what happen. I stand up and started laughing non stop. It was damn pain but I laugh and laugh and laugh at myself instead of crying. wash the wounds, stop the blood, bandaged it and we continue cycling.

Cycled and walked and talking crap along the way, when I had my second fall at the down slope again. LOL! What's wrong is with me? I fall right smack on the same wounds as the first fall. I laugh even more this time round. Wash the wound, stop the blood, bandaged it once again and continue our journey. Saw wild boar and lots of interesting creature in the wild nature. 

On the journey back to the Change jetty, Shaq suddenly got a very bad seasickness. We took bus from Changi Village all the way to Woodlands to send her home. Luckily during the long long bus ride, she slept and feel much much better after that. Went to had dinner at Woodlands and took the bus with WeiQiang all the way back home. 

Went home with small cuts, bruises here and there, wounds on my left elbow and left kneecap and a sprain right hand. Despite all these, yesterday was indeed a fun and tiring day! Must go there next time! Don mind falling again.  =)

After every fall, be strong, stand up and laugh it off. How many times can I actually do it? 

I'm so so so sorry for that incident to happen. I didn't expect him to react like that and confront you. Luckily I control and didn't tell him everything anot the matter might have worsen. You must be broken inside although you deny it. What can I do now? Haiz.

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