Monday, March 19

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For the past 19 years I had never ever felt any love from you. To me, home is just a place for me to sleep that all. From young, I had lived in a incomplete family. Use to keeping everything to myself, learn to hide my feelings well, use to getting hurt and being numb to it already. Love is just a word that sound so unfamiliar to me. i don feel love from you or anyone else. 

No matter how unreasonable you are, no matter how controlling you are, no matter how much you do not show your love for me, no matter how much you like to scold and beat me for no reason. You will always be my Daddy! The one whom bought me to this world. The one whom taught me that I had to fight for whatever I wanna. The one whom I know you care but don know how to express it. The one who taught me how imperfect this life could be. For the past few years, I may have been hurt, may have lie to you, may have don anything behind your back, I do all these is just that I don wish to see you get hurt in anyway. 

No matter what you do, no matter how bad you are, you will always and forever be my Daddy! These few years you really do had a hard time providing for us.
My only wish for you is that you will stay happy and not leave us just like how Mummy use to years ago. I really cannot afford to lose you also!

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