Wednesday, September 28

Happening Outing!

Went on a random date with Aisyah and JunYi. Haha. Had lots of fun and talk lots of crap the whole day.
Firstly, we went to Aisyah's so called school, which was located at a floor in the National Library, for her CCA interview. Poor me and JunYi had to entertain ourselves with some Vampires VS Zombies game on Aisyah's ITouch.  Went to watch "Fright Night" after that. It was a horror and romance movie introduce by JunYi. A show that showcase this teenager whom found out that his neighbor is actually a vampire and how he was going to save all his love ones from this evil vampire. Aisyah cried after the show cos she felt that the vampires are just too ugly! LOL! Why are you so cute Aisyah? Haha. Went to Clarke Quay after that for dinner. OMG! I had never been there before and that place was simply gorgeous especially at night.

Saw this G-MAX Reverse Bungy & GX-5 Xtreme Swing which is like damn cool sia!
 Shall try it one day! With some daring souls. Hehe.

 Went to some "Mr Curry" restaurant for dinner and headed home. Thanx Aisyah and JunYi for the beautiful night! Bringing me to a place that I didn't know that it exist. More outing next time! ^^

 Thanx for your guidance and teaching for the past 4 years. You had not only taught me music but olso the values of life. Without you I will not be whom I am today. Thanx for bringing so much joy and laughter to YTCCCO, this big big family! 所谓一日为师,终生为父!You will always be a father to us all! We love you!

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