Saturday, October 15

Ben & Jerry's ChunkFest 2011

Met Hidayah after work to go for the Ben & Jerry's ChunkFest at Marine Bay Promontory. We were like trying figure out our way there, asking people for direction looking like a tourists sia. It's about enjoying Ben & Jerry's ice cream while playing wacky games and listening to live music! Plus, there are like 11 exclusive flavors from the States. Yummy yummy!
Didn't stay long there cos that place was simply too muddy maybe probably due to the rain earlier on. Went to Pioneer Mall's mac to have our dinner. That's when we were like collecting all the games label and discussing on what are we gonna do if we were to worn most of the prizes. That was the first time i am so into playing the Monopoly Deal siol.
Were talking halfway when she suddenly made me miss my mother.Yup! I really did miss her a lot a lot but there is no way i can see her ever again anymore. Even the strongest person in the world will breakdown at times. She cried when we started talking about her mum. Praying upon the stars that yur mum will be fine after the operation. Everything is fated in life.
Walk home with a Ben & Jerry's tote bag, an ice cream scoop, a notebook and the few memories the i had of my mum when i was just a baby....

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