Sunday, October 16

The end of the long holidays....

Tomorrow will be the day when school started once again. A new semester, new beginning, new classmate, new faces. Kinda sick of meeting new people and making new friends every semester. And I am not at all ready for school at all! Gonna miss my last semester classmate already! This stupid system of changing class every semester is making everyone to not have any close friends and only classmate. That's the thing i don like about it. Haiz.

T2B6, a class that i will remember forever! We may not be close but then you guys are the ones whom make my last 6 months such an enjoyable one! I will never forget about the pranks, the nosiness and playfulness in you guys, the times when we are either late or skip lesson just to go out of school to eat, all the yummy food that you all had introduce me to, the chalet that you guys organize, the random meetups and outings with you guys and many many more! Thank for teaching me that life could actually be so enjoyable! I will never never forget the times i had wif you all and you guys are simply so wonderful! Missing ya from this moment onwards... <3

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