Sunday, October 2

Gosh! What happen to me today?

Yup. Just what had happen to me today? Was late for work and done so many mistake at work today. Luckily got Liza and Jay there to help me out! Haha. For every mistakes i had made today, I kept laughing it off. Cos that's the only way that i can clear my mind and resolve the problems. Super blurr today. When to help Liza get her new handphone cover with Jay after work. Seriously, she look damn cute and funny when it comes to shopping. Cannot stop laughing at her. OOPS! =/ Walked home with Jay and start discussing in how to celebrate her sister's birthday. How I wished that i got an elder brother like him. Haha. And that mark the end of my blurrness day ever! Haha. =P

It is time I face up to the problem and solve it. It could only be a happy ending or a sad ending. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

What meant to be will eventually meant to be no matter what. Let nature takes it's course.

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