Saturday, October 1

Drunk Nite!

Went to meet Nicole, HuiChen, Swee, Kris and SongYan yesterday nite to have a pre-taiwan gathering for Nicole. Didn't really remember exactly what happen yesterday nite cos we were all simply too drunk. Haha. Only remember that we are laughing at nothing, playing some mind confusing games and dictionarying with each other to see who is the most sane one. That was the second time i drink and first time drunk. It sucks to be drunk especially when you tend to do silly stuff when you are not in your right mind. To whoever i sent some stupid messages to and those who help me get my way home yesterday nite, thanx a lot and I'm really really sorry! Shall never get myself drunk ever again!
Anyway had lots of fun and really enjoy myself that nite. For once i don feel that awkward with them anymore! Maybe that's the power of alcohol, bringing people together. =)

Well, guess I had really done something that i shouldn't have done yesterday nite. But,
                                                     dear heart,
                                                 why him?

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