Thursday, January 19

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Days passed with Shaun trying to match make me with one his random friend, teaching Nicole EM3, WeiXuan causing me to lose my bet with Nicole, dinner with the cute couple, QiuLing and Eugene. These are the moments that make me laugh so much. LOL.

Thanx Nicole for making me realize so much plus points about him! Hehe. It is time you really get out of your on and off relationship. Find someone who truly worth you, one who is able to bring you out of your past and lead you into the future, one who is able to take you out of from that curse if your life. It has been a long time since I saw you happy. Being really happy. Wanna see the beautiful smile of you once again.

QiuLing and Eugene really make such a cute couple. So happy for the both of them. Hope that they could really last anot it will be a pity. Eugene is just the perfect one for this beloved gurl of mine.

Someone asked me would I really be happy if the guy that I loved is tgt with another gurl. Of course i would! If that's the thing that could be able to put a smile on his face and make his life a beautiful one, why not? I may like him, but I'm not gonna let you know. Satisfied with our relationship now.
Loved you for a thousands years~

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