Saturday, March 10

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Hosting a Birthday Party was not that easy as it seems after all. Hosting my first ever Birthday Party today and I am already half dead. Haha. But this is just the beginning, cos I starting to like Birthday Party even more now. Hehe. The party just now can considered as a successful one ba. Even through there might be some flaws here and there but it ended beautifully. Really need to thanks YinKang, BaiYang and Auntie Julie who had help me alot along the way, Without them it might not be that successful. 你们辛苦了! 

Saw the funny side of YinKang today. LOL! He and BaiYang literally made me rolling on the floor laughing away. No matter how tired I am, they had somehow manage to took it away. This might be my last party with you guys. Will really miss today.

Back to Bongo when Muzaffar started running to me and he said, "KaiQin looking for you please call her back!" I stare at him and he repeat the same thing which made me started laughing again. Actually he wanna say Hidayah looking for me then don noe why he suddenly said that I looking for myself. 

Why is it that you can cause such a huge impact on me? The more I care the more hurt I am. You can somehow made my laughing day become a moody one without you doing anything at all. Hate this feelings. ARGH!

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