Tuesday, February 28

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Exams ended like a one week ago and had been working almost everyday. At least that keep me busy and stop me for thinking about it for that moment only. Till now I still can't seems to get over it, will tend to think about it whenever I am alone. That hurts really alot alot, even till now. Can there be a complete cure to it? I hate this feeling and don like the person whom I am now. Too much mix feelings, hurt, wounded and can't seems to focus on the things that I set for myself.

Other then that, work was getting more and more interesting. Everyday I get to experience different things, get to face different challenge. I get to know the good and evil side of all humans, be more understanding and get to know why people tends to do things this way. All these contribute a lot to my life experiences.  

I know that there is no way I can feel hurt and sad cos of that incident cos it had left a huge impact on me. But that shall add as a reminder and lesson for me ba... 

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