Wednesday, March 21

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Had a good time packing, rearranging all the Birthday Party thingy with JunYi at work today. That was what made me realize that Ros and the previous group had actually had a hard time planning and making the games for the kids last time. Dug out lots of rubbish as well as treasure today. Can really feel the time and effort they had put inside it. It is really a pity that all of these things are not being put into use now. That make me made up my mind that I am gonna make sure that for the other Birthday Party that I will be hosting will be a successful one. Won let all their efforts go down to drain.

Had a short meetup with QiuLing and Angeline after work. Walk home with Angeline and she started to talk about our future. Seriously for now I cannot picture my future, I don know what will be my full time job in the future. But I doubt I will leave Bird Park at the moment as that was the job that I get attach to now. At least I am working at different job scope at different day. Sometime, I will be at the counter, anot I will be at the kitchen, anot I will be at Ben & Jerry or else I will be hosting Birthday Party. I am not trying to overwork myself or what. I just don like stay at home the whole day. Wanna make myself feel useful and not so worthless. Working is not a chore to me, instead it is something that can make me feel occupied and stop me from thinking too much. 

You shall be my biggest regrets. But I am not gonna let us stay like that forever.

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