Tuesday, March 27

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Had a small farewell dinner for BaiYang at Jurong Safari just now after work. That was the last meal that I am really gonna have with her. Really gonna miss her when she when back to China. However, that was the happiest dinner I had ever had with the group of them. Gladys, BaiYang, Auntie Julie, Auntie PohLan, Auntie Alice, Shaq, WeiQiang, Jay, Faiz, BoBo, Hafiz, YinKang, Hafiz's wife and ZheBin. That was indeed an unforgettable dinner. A dinner that I will remember for life. =)

Glad that most of the people like the scrapbook that I had do for BaiYang as her farewell gift. It consists of photos of people that once work with her for these 2 years in Bongo and also wishes that each and everyone of them wanna say to them. She said that that was the best gift that she had ever received in her whole life and I almost cried when she said that. Haha. Really really happy that she actually liked it. But among all the photos that I had printed for her, I liked this the most. A candid yet natural shot. I took this during the Ubin trip without them noticing. OOPS! =/

Wanna give a BIG BIG THANX to everyone especially Gladys for making it a successful one! Without you guys, It will be nothing. THANK YOU GUYS!~

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