Friday, March 30

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Wake up, wash up, go to BirdPark, work, meet up with random people, go home, sleep and the whole thing repeat itself again... This had been my daily routine for the past few weeks. Had been working almost everyday. I just need to keep myself busy with things, busy so that I won have time to allow myself to think of you, won have time to think so much. I kinda like the busy routine I had now but on the other hand, I had been neglecting and rejecting lots and lots of appointment, outings from my friend. I cannot help but feel really bad about it. I'm really really very sorry to all those friends of mine that keep wanting to meetup with me and which I had reject or cannot make it countless time but still never give up on me. I am really glad that I have you guys! However, I need a break. Sorry for ignoring you guys. The reason why I choose to keep working is not bcos of money, or rather I am trying to escape from the reality. I need time to settle my feelings. Don wanna you guys to see how depress, how sad, how shag I am now. I just don wanna you guys to be worried about me. I might have disappear for some time, but rest assured that I will be back with you guys one day de! Currently in the state of going to breakdown any moment and I really don wish to make your worry for me. 

I know that no matter how hard I try, we are just not gonna be like how we used to be already. I may have admit defeat but then I am not gonna give up no matter what. Giving in and not asking for any returns at all.

Once again, sorry for all those people who cares about me but I am also grateful to have you guys. 

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