Thursday, April 12

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A break is what i need...

Spent these two days with awesome 3 groups of awesome people!
Went bowling wif Happy Pills at Raffles Town Club yst afternoon. It had been like 2 months since I met them. I was feeling awkward at the beginning but then after that ok liao. Haha. They are still the same old them the troll clique. Saw a group of primary school kids there too. All so small and little carrying a 3 pounds bowling ball like carrying a 3 kg bag of rice. Soooo cute. Imagine them literally throwing the bowling ball down on the play zone. Damn epic! HAHAHA! Rush off to meet the Revive for dinner at JE! Had zhu chao for dinner and off to JCube to laugh at people skate.
Went JCube wif QiuLing just now again. Haha. Purely cos I didn't really explore there yst. We spent hours on these shop name 'These & That". It is a shop that sells unusual stationary that you cannot find it elsewhere. Some more it is damn cheap. Bought some stationary to prepared for school. Was telling QiuLing how I had fall in love wif WeiXuan's new sling bag that I saw him wearing yst. Tried to find but then fail. Never mind,  shall continue hunting for it, It was damn nice. Really.

You guys never failed to put a smile on my face. Thanx for the day! =) That was indeed a getaway that I need.

Back to reality, am I still be able to face you tmr? Haiz.

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