Tuesday, April 17

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Well, guess what, it is time to be back to school. My year three journey started yst. Timetable is quite slack and I have no lesson on every tues!

Went  for my Dental checkup like finally to check about my bleeding gums. I was told that I still had some baby tooth that haven drop and it were about to drop that's why I had bleeding gums. Polish and took an x-ray of my teeth today. My teeth is still hurting from the polishing till now. =(

Met Estee and Alicia after that at KAP to had our lunch and headed off to JCube for The Perfect Two movie. It was a touching and funny show. It is damn nice, you gonna go catch it yourself then you will know how nice it was.

It is amazing that everyone is being shaped by how ourchildhood. What kind of things you experience or faced when you are young, will actually become who you are now. You will tend to behave from all your bad experiences. Since young, I had not really felt being loved by my father. Or rather there I don feel loved at all. So I have the bad experience of it and it still bother me every now and then. It was because of that I had a mindset that I had to fight for everything that I wanna in life. That include being loved. I know that I had friends that really care and love me but I am not willing to accept it. Cos i had somehow built a barrel between everyone. I just find it hard to accept being loved by someone. Or maybe cos I am use to not being loved. That was the thing that keep me away from everyone. Too much care and concern and I will think that they are fake when they are not.
What happened to you when you are young is just gonna make a huge impact n you life forever. Unless you are willing to get over it and let go.
Can I really get over it and let go? There are just too many many many bad experiences that I need to get over it. All these are just gonna keep haunting me forever and ever unless I let go...

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