Tuesday, April 3

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WHY AM I EVEN CRYING NOW?! Shit myself. Stop crying liao KaiQin...

Today is Free Cone Day! Is the day whereby Ben & Jerry's is giving out free ice cream to each and every single soul on earth who queue for it an ice cream. It olso acts as a fund raising day whereby you can actually receive free ice cream by just donating at your own comfort. But how many of you actually remember to not only collect the ice cream and make some donations? This is my first time involved in this kind of thingy.It was indeed tiring. 3 hours of scooping non stop ice cream is indeed a tough job. However, the joy of giving is something that I had learn today. That was indeed am unforgettable experience. A big thanks to each and every single one of you scooper who make this day such a wonderful one. =)

Guess I had finally break down after receiving your texts just now. Each and single one of it is just simply so hurtful. I was just too naive to actually think that I mean something but to find out that I was wrong. Bind by you to even see the truth. Stay strong KaiQin.

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