Sunday, April 8

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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DA GE! You are not forgotten! Hope you like the celebration that we had for you just now. Although it was just a short surprise that last around 10 mins only, but can see that you guys really enjoyed yourself alot! Spraying snow flake and seeing everyone getting so white is indeed funny! That was really a good laugh. It had been a long time since I really see you guys have so much fun and laugh so crazily already! Growing more and more attached to this group of people. That make me even more harder to leave ba. Work will never be the same without all these nonsense people! Thanx Jay, HanZhen, BoBo and ZheBin for making this surprise such a wonderful one! Special thanx to WeiQiang and Gladys! Without you guys, it will never feel the same anymore! 

I don wanna anything from you. All I ask for is that we can be as close as how we used to be that's all....

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