Sunday, May 20

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After so long, I am back to this small world of mine. Hehe! These pass few weeks, past few days, I don really remember how I really spent it. I only know that I had indeed making full use of my every single day. Keeping myself busy wif something every single moment. Yup! That's the kind of life that I wanna! kinda enjoying my day and making it to the fullest!

I may not be the best sister in the world, we might have quarreled quite often even about the smallest little thing. You may be so demanding, treating me like your maid. BUT..... No matter what happen, I just wanna you to know that you will always be the one who I really love and the one who I cared and worried the most! Stay happy always and do put that charming smile of yours on your face forever! I love you! You have indeed grow so much within the years. =')

Thanx God for everything in my life now. What more could I expect when you have given more then what I need. Spending more time and more time wif Revive 1 to found out that they are a group of people that never fails to make my heart melt whenever I am wif them. Thank you guys for everything! <3

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