Wednesday, May 23

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Spent the whole afternoon and night out with Angeline and QiuLing in search of QiuLing's dearest Eugene's birthday presents! Haha. This gurl huh, when it come to bf she can be damn sweet de siol. Hehe. Went from sch to Bugis to some Pasar Malan (Night Market).

Had a nice chat with the gurls. Was talking about graduation and I told them that if someone were to give me flowers when I graduate, I would like a sunflower and they readily agree to get me one on the day I graduate. HAHA! They are so sweet! <3

Having mixed feelings now. Apart of me feel like graduate but however another part of me don feel like graduate so fast. Haha. Mao dun de wo. I'm scared and clueless of my future. I don know how will it be like. Where will I be going after I graduate? University? What course? Working? What job? But nevertheless, I shall live my life to Him. I know that He had a plan set ready for me. It is up to me whether I wanna took up His challenge and go wif His plan. No matter where I will land up in the future, I shall leave it all up to Him. I believe that He will show me the way. Cos He is the one who know me the best. So shall not worry so much and just do whatever I can do right now to cooperate wif Him. That is to study hard! No more slacking my day off already! Go KaiQin!

Bought some handmade earrings for my mortal for this week. Estee, hope you like it! =)

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