Tuesday, January 29

What's Wrong?

Every single day we are all caught up in the things in our life. Slowly, the 'thing' have become and replace human. No longer do we seek and build relationship, build life together, the 'thing' have replaced all of it slowly day by day. Each and single one of us are all busy with our own thing, who would have the heart to care about the others... Often, it end up in more and more broken relationship and people hurt. Some get so use to it that they didn't think there is s need for healing, thus making us to turn ourselves away from our healer, our savior, away from God.

I feel the desperate help of the lost soul and those who have turn away from God out there. It just does not feel comfortable. Human on the streets, in school, workplace, at home are all wearing a mask to live life. Living as through they were ok on the outside but deep inside them they are just so filled with sorrows. It is the world that make us think that that was actually 'ok'! BUT the truth is that was actually NOT ok!

Dear Father,
I pray that you would just talk some senses to all of the human that you had created! Tell them to really stop living a life that seems ok. Correct each and single wrongs with your truth. I don understand why do all these have to happen, why are things starting to be more valued, more important than relationship and other human but I know that you are definitely in control of it. Open the flood gates of heaven and wash away all the worldly thoughts that each and every one have. Cleanse all our mind and heart and make it as pure as gold. The world is simply in a chaos. Come and take control of everything. Let us use of heart to think instead of using our mind so that we won try to logic things out.  I feel helpless. I know that something is just not right, it is simply just hurting. But I have no idea on what can we do. Guide us and tell us what we can do to really make an impact of this chaos world. I pray all this in Jesus name, AMEN!

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