Sunday, January 13

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed 

Yesterday is the 20th year of my life on Earth. Never had I think that I am worthily of anything. But yesterday was the day where all the truth started to relive itself one by one, one after another. 

Service was awesome when Brother John started to tell us to GET REAL and start to put down all the baggages that we had all been carrying for the past few years. I feel like it was really something that I need to hear. Often I don like it when others are fake wif me but the truth is I am fake to them too, Wearing a mask that everything seems ok where ever i go. Time to take off the mask and make this 20th year on earth a special one! GET REAL! 

"Everything is worthless when compared to the infinite value of knowing Jesus Chirst." This is so true, without Him, I won be who I am today, 

I'm touched, grateful and speechless for all those small little things that Revive 1 and 3 had done to plan my birthday surprise. It was something that I did not expect, but all these small small things were the ones that I will remember so dearly. I say I am worthless, useless, not capable of anything but God say I am not! My Lifegroup show me that I am definitely worth all these!

It was only when I start to take off the mask of mine then to realize that I am so so vulnerable. Without God and those awesome people God have placed in my life, I won have the strength to even hang on till these day. cannot imagine the life I may be living now without God, without them. No words could expressed how much I am grateful and thankful towards all of them. Feel blessed beyond words.

Now, I am not afraid of falling. Cos I know that no matter what might happen in the future, I have a group of awesome people that is always ready to catch me, support me, and most importantly, I have a faithful and awesome Father! 

All the past hurt, scars had slowly been heal by Him and it was in Him that I found rest! 


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