Wednesday, February 15

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Spent my valentine with the animals! Hehe, Damn shag but it was damn fun after all. Went to the zoo with MinYi, SiewLin and JunYi in the morning and went back to birdpark to help out bqt for their Valentine dinner event at night! Took lots of photos and had lots of inside jokes. Hehe. The Valentine dinner that they had in birdpark is actually to have a dinner wif the PENGUINS! They are indeed beautiful animals, so fat and cute! That was the first time I had actually come into so close contact wif it! <3 

Somehow came into a realization that I rather have a some very very close guy friend then a boyfriend now. LOL! That was a random thought from yst. Hehe.

How blurr can I be to actually didn't realize that my contacts lens is tore and still continue wearing it and lost my Ezlink card! T.T  However, really thanks God that there no infection in my eye and I just receive a call from my granny that I had actually left it at her hse! Hehe! =P

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