Thursday, June 14

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I'm back from Area Chalet and really wanna thanx God for making it such a awesome one. The 4 days 3 night chalet is simply just too short. From there I had learn that a heart wif good attitude equals to strong character. I wanna be a person wif strong attitude which behaves like a sponge, able to absorb all the good attributes veri fast. And not like a metal, wif does not only not able to absorb water but olso decompose and rust in it.  Really need to learn to treat every human beings good and not to selected people only. VISION is what i need in my life so that i would not be heading nowhere like a headless chicken. My vision is to help those teenagers that are struck in their life to get out of it. After having a vision in mind, i need to stand out and take the risk or else the vision will jus be nothing. To win this battle it is not through wisdom, but through prayer.

All these years, what had I been playing music for? For the others? For myself? There's something more to music. I am gonna change the way how I look at it and not simply play it for the seek of playing and for frame. That will be misusing the beautiful act of music.

Lastly, thanx everyone for the awesome chalet! It not only make me able to get to know more abt Him, i olso have a chance to get to know more abt the kids as well as getting closer wif REVIVE 1! Starting to build trust in God as well as them! TYJ! =)

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