Saturday, June 16

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We are all in this tgt! I am willing to fight for it side by side wif you guys! Let's go Revive 1! We can do this! I wanna have that strong faith in you God! As well as the people around me. Trust is smth that I really need to work on! I can do this!
Thanx God for giving me such a wonderful group of frens. They are not jus my frens they are my family, my sister and brothers, whom will always be there for me no matter what happen! They are the ones whom made me hang on to my believe and faith in Jesus so strongly! The ones whom show me what love is. How it is to love others as well as myself. I will continue to stay strong! I really appreciate every single small actions that you guys had done for me. Every words your had said to me will me engrave in me forever! Thanx for caring and loving me so much like no others will do!

Gonna love everyone, even the unlovable one!

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