Monday, June 18

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Yst is Father's Day! For the first time ever since mum's death, I think yst was the first time we had actually went out tgt as a family go have fun and take family photos. Really had a lot of fun yst wif my dad and my little bro at the zoo. Those memories are jus way way too precious to me. Thanx you Lord! For making such an impact on me and making me treasure them more.

I may not be the best daughter on earth, but I wanna thanx you for all the things you had done for me for the past few years. I know that it is not easy for you to raise two kids up alone. It must be really hard on you! I'm sorry for my stubbornness, sorry for not able yo understand you well, sorry for always taking you for granted. Sorry for not being a good daughter, Or rather I don noe how I should be one. Since young, I don feel love at all. I don noe how it feels to be being loved and don noe how to love someone. I use to hate you alot! Hate you for always making my childhood life a miserable one. All those hurts, sadness and disappointment are simply too much. But now I had learn to look at things in another way. I don blame you at all. Really. There might be lots and lots of things that had happen to me before that you had noe nth of. It was alright. I noe that all those things will only hurt you more. So I would rather keep it deep inside me then to let you noe. I really don wanna you to get hurt. Will try all ways to prevent you from knowing it. Sorry for being selfish abt this. My past that you had not noe of, had not heard before does not really matter anymore. What matters now is the present. Gonna treasure you more. I noe that it is not easy of ou to raise us up. I really hope that you could really give up on gambling and smoking. Really really hope that that day could come.. I love you daddy! No matter what you had done, how unreasonable you are, I would still loved you!

Quote from Teh YiLing: 阳光总在风雨过后!
That was really damn true and it is gonna be my quote for my life! This gurl is jus a small 16 year old gurl that I had met at Rev Chalet! Really touched by all these small conversations and all these sweet people in my life! TYJ! =')

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