Thursday, November 15

320 of 366...


Praise in the morning
Praise in the evening
Praise when I'm laughing
Praise when I'm grieving
There will be dancing 
There will be singing

 Upon injustice we will tell of our God

The hope of all hearts
The hope of all hearts is you
Your love never fails
your love never fails

With hope and light
You reign over all
Though my heart may fail
You will always be all the same
Our God never fails
Our God never fails

In darkness,
In trial, my soul shall sing
Of his mercy, and kindness
Our offering of praise
Our God never fails
Our God never fails

Roman 8:28 says "I am sure all things work together for good."
Gonna give praise to God in no matter what circumference I might be facing now. Praise Him when things gone well, give thanks to Him when things go wrong! In my darkness, in my trail, He is always there for me! God love never fails! He even have a great plan for me!
<3 This shall be a post to get me going whenever I feel like giving up... 

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