Tuesday, January 1


A year had just passed and it is once again a brand new year. In 2012, I really do had so much to be thankful and grateful of. The best decision I had ever made was to really come to be in a relationship with God. A God that is so awesome and never fails. Shall start this year that God had create right with Him. I don't know what are the challenges, the problems that I will be facing in this new phase of my life. But I am just gonna keep believing, keep believing in Him! Cause all things work for the good for those who are in Christ Jesus! So thankful for all the people He had place in my life, Thankful for those who had help me so much along the way. It is the presence of you guys that make me feel how it is like to be loved and be blessed! Heart full of gratefulness! 2012 was a pretty chaos and blessed year, so looking forward of what more is God gonna do in 2013 of my life! 

A promise that I made in the first day of 2013...
-To have a deeper and closer relationship with this awesome God of mine
-To have a heart for people, really going all out to for each and single one of them, trying to meets all their needs
-Get my relationship right with the people that God had placed in my life. Not to be fearful of anyone
-Made each single day of 2013 a meaningful one! Living for the only one and no one else.
-Be able to control my emotion and not let it control me anymore.


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