Wednesday, January 2

Living in darkness...

When to Dialogue In The Dark in Ngee Ann today. I had always known that this place exist but I don really know what does it do or rather what is the purpose of my school to have it. Today, I finally got an answer to my doubt. Oh my! The whole journey in there is simply breathtaking! 

We were all being guild into a room of complete darkness! There was no light at all. No matter how hard you tried to look at the surroundings around you, you will see nothing! Literally nothing at all. Haha! Living in complete darkness in the room for a full 30 mins is so not funny at all! In a room that there is complete darkness, it will instill so much fear in you. Is just a feeling that you had lose one of your sense and the only thing you can do is to only relied on your other senses. We were each given a stick which is the only thing that we can find our security on only. Through the whole journey, we are being guild by a lady called Serene. She herself is blind. I feel that it was so amazing that she is able to guild us through the whole journey, explaining to us in detail how life being blind is like and how to go about walking and feeling things in the darkness.

It was indeed a whole new experience for me, feeling the wall as I made my way around the room, trying to cross the road by just by listening to the sound of the traffic light. Going to the market feeling all those different spices, fruits and vegetables, guessing the brand of a car and the license number just by feeling it. Buying food and eating it, the only different is just that all these was all being done in complete darkness. It may seems fun to be doing all these, experience how it is to live life in darkness, but if I had to live life forever like that, it is not fun anymore! 

The whole journey made me become so appreciative and grateful that I am not gonna live life in darkness forever. It somehow make me become more determined to help all those who are living in darkness in their own life, They may seems physically well on the outside but inside them they are actually 'blind'. I wanna be the one who is able to bring light into their life. Lead them out of darkness and live in light once again. 

The last thing I remember during the whole journey of darkness is the warm hand of Serene. Whenever, I feel so frantic, so scared, there's seem to be nothing in front of me that I could get hold of, there will be these hand and voice that never fail to comfort me in the dark room. Leading and guiding me through and get out of it. Am amazed by how a blind lady could be able to lead me out of the dark room.

God work the same way too! In darkness of my life, He will also be the one who never fails and lead me out of it, Grateful. 

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